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In ‘How to Create or Reimagine Into a Top 1% Family Office’ Masterclass I share with you my insights and the best practices of the world's most successful families/family offices!

I've interacted with and researched over 2,000 family offices and have created, restructured and consulted to dozens of family offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. 

In this Masterclass I condense my decades of knowledge and experiences to share my very best insights and strategies that lead to EXCEPTIONAL results, learned in over 20-years, into 4 videos totaling over 5-hours of 24/7 accessible proprietary content (plus a PDF handbook of the Masterclass). 

You will learn the behaviors, processes, systems, attributes, structures and actions that most impact results! 

The family office must proactively coordinate internal and external resources to manage a family’s wealth and resources. The family office evaluates and mitigates risks (financial, operational and behavioral), considers ‘what ifs’ and navigates through Black Swans to procure positive outcomes.

In the end the family office is focused on and judged by results!

I don’t teach you ‘what to think,’ however far better HOW to think critically, to achieve optimal results in the family office.

In my travels, knowing 2,000 plus family offices, perhaps 3% are excellent. Average family offices want to be left alone, great family offices want to always get better, to gain an edge, they want mentoring... to be told the truth.

Over two-thirds of all family offices have been created this century and the majority of these newer family offices since 2019! They are woefully underprepared for turbulent times. Generationally successful family offices illustrate ‘long resilience,’ and can’t be kept down… those who have not prepared for ‘long resiliency,’ react to adversity poorly. 

What’s one lesson I learned from close alignment and being in the trenches with the world’s leading families and their family offices? Focus on identifying and executing on the RIGHT problems/opportunities is far more important than wasting time, energy and resources on the wrong problems (this happens way more then you think) and mediocre opportunities.

Successful family offices understand the big three in a successful family office: People/Technology/Systems.

About 85% of success within the family office will come down to the ‘people’ in the family office, critical thinking, decision making and effectiveness. You will learn in this Masterclass the ONE thing all family office executives must be and the two things that will stand in their way to being excellent.

True leadership leads to commitment and accountability, this drives culture and henceforth leads into strategy and then execution.

In this Masterclass I will teach you MANY practice management techniques to quickly enhance productivity and results in the family office, including PROPERLY implementing KPIs (key performance indicators) and OKRs (objectives and key results).

I share the number ONE action that any family office can easily implement to enhance results within 30 days!

We leave nothing unturned in this Masterclass.

This signature Masterclass is only $675. Sign Up Here and have immediate 24/7 access to all the content in this digital Masterclass. 

You will learn the three biggest fears of family offices around the world and ways to mitigate these concerns.

You will learn the 7 core areas of focus of family offices and the best practices and actionable strategies to achieve excellence in all of them (including asset protection and investing).

I prepare you in structuring the family office to be legally sound and tax enhanced, rising generation dynamics, family governance, family office tech and much more.

Imagine the lessons you will learn from my interview and in-person interactions with a 1,000 year European family of continues wealth, including what they define as the greatest threat to the family (and what they did to overcome this).

‘Unknown Unknowns’ should be an area of concern, ‘it’s the bus you don’t see that gets you,’ however we share what you can do to foster anti-fragility in the family and the family office (this goes beyond even ‘long resiliency’).

We take a page from Jeff Bezos and share his comments on decision making and speed. I agree completely. I extrapolate this as most family offices are WAY too slow, in particular to seize opportunities. We discuss decision making and SPEED and how to change the culture to impact both!

This signature Masterclass is only $675. Sign Up Here and have immediate 24/7 access to all the content in this digital Masterclass. 

Comments on my Masterclasses have included:

“Angelo is that rare transformational thinker ‘seeing around corners,’ but with practical strategies to prepare for it now.”

- Merriam Family

“Angelo Robles is undeniably a trailblazing thought leader. His Masterclass is a powerful journey that seamlessly weaves together vast insights from both the immediate landscape and historical perspectives. The experience is provocative, powerful, and precise. His extraordinary depth of wisdom and exceptional critical thinking set him apart."

- Danielle Patterson

"If you are a family office professional like me (or one who aspires to be), or you are in a service industry that needs to keep current on the unique world of SFOs, and you are on the fence about signing up for Angelo Robles’ Masterclasses, think no more and just do it! I have over 20 years of experience as both the CEO/CFO of a multibillion-dollar SFO and as an independent advisor, and I couldn’t write notes fast enough to keep pace with the information that flows from Angelos’s Masterclass! "         

- Joanna Roland, SFO Advisor

Who Are These Masterclasses For?

Ideal for wealth creators, family members, family office executives, aspiring family office professionals, and advisors to the family office community. Suitable for those seeking to rapidly enhance their knowledge and resources within the family office community.

This signature Masterclass is only $675. Sign Up Here and have immediate 24/7 access to all the content in this digital Masterclass. 

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4 videos totaling over 5-hours of 24/7 accessible proprietary content (plus a PDF handbook of the Masterclass)!

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