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“Angelo is that rare transformational thinker ‘seeing around corners,’ but with practical strategies to prepare for it now"- Merriam Family
"Angelo's programs are Provocative. Powerful. Practical." - Mike Ryan, MGR
Just watched a riveting interview (see video below) between Angelo Robles and Donatella Ceccarelli on Family Office TV, and I'm compelled to share a thought that struck me. Angelo, with his probing questions, unveils the nuanced dance between macroeconomic trends and family office dynamics. This conversation is an education in navigating the complexities of global investing with wisdom and agility. This is a must-watch. It's not just an interview; it's a roadmap for the thoughtful investor. - Alexander Galambos, European Family Office Liaison

30 Founding Members: Something Special in the Family Office Community

Membership for Family Offices 

As a multi-decade entrepreneur in the family office community with a successful exit and having created my own holding company and family office structures in Wyoming (will complete a private trust structure late 2024) I understand having lived through it and having worked over decades with family offices around the world the best practices of the most successful family offices.

In missing the camaraderie of sharing and connecting with amazing families and their family offices, nothing… no amount of my content and digital masterclasses (though valuable) matches the in-person connections, accountability and actions of when the right people who come together is fostered.

I made a commitment recently to form SFO Continuity as a private membership club dedicated to exceptional families and their family offices (membership is not available to service providers and sponsors).

I only desire 30 founding members then a several month pause on membership, however founders get influence and other special benefits (including pricing). There is no wait for face-to-face interaction, we are currently very active this summer (2024) with in-person gatherings!

This spring we hosted a series of private family office only soirees, luncheons and dinners at the Breakers and Brazilian Court in Palm Beach, the insights in particular on investing where exceptional. There are truly incredible opportunities out there (energy, private credit, ranch land, data centers, AI, mobile home parks, RV parks and much more).

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This late spring and summer we are already active with a variety of soirees, luncheons and dinners in NYC.

We are progressing towards 30 founding/charter members and if you feel you’d be additive and benefit as a true family office and investor you should consider being a founding/charter member.

Our core hubs of in-person gatherings will be New York City (May through October) and Palm Beach (November through April). We hope to add in-person opportunities in Hampton’s, Jackson Hole and LA.

In addition, we provide members complete access 24/7 to our educational in depth digital masterclasses, exclusive best practices content and monthly digital member meetings. 

We have extraordinary tactical resources and connections particularly on direct investing (dynastic empire building) through proper structuring of holding companies, integration of operators, NOLs and advanced sourcing mechanisms utilizing advanced technologies.

We already have extraordinary individuals/family offices as early founding members (including international). We hope you can join us. Collectively as a group we can do amazing things!

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$6,500 Annually

“Angelo is that rare transformational thinker ‘seeing around corners,’ but with practical strategies to prepare for it now.”

- Merriam Family

“Angelo Robles is undeniably a trailblazing thought leader. 

- Danielle Patterson

"I have over 20 years of experience as both the CEO/CFO of a multibillion-dollar SFO and as an independent advisor, and I couldn’t write notes fast enough to keep pace with the information that flows from Angelo's programs!"     

- Joanna Roland, SFO Advisor



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“I provide you with curated exceptional results-driven resources, utilized by me in consulting to dozens of exceptional families including deca-billionaires and their family offices. Truly the collaborative best-in-class best practices of the world’s most successful families and their family offices”

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