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I’ve been dedicated to family offices for decades. I've seen the most successful entrepreneurs have multi billion dollar exits and have seen every challenge and opportunity that great wealth brings on. I have created and redesigned family offices around the world in the U.S. Latin America. Middle East and Europe.

I understand the pain points in creating generational wealth AND how to protect it.

EVERYTHING you held as true in wealth and family offices is changing. The acceleration of change is UNLIKE anything we’ve ever seen. Family continuity has never been more at risk.

I can teach you quickly and effectively what I learned over 20 years.

I help successful individuals, entrepreneurs, family office executives and those that desire to be a family office executive, create/reimagine into a top 1% family office.

I solve their biggest problems and procure positive outcomes.

My experience with the wealthiest individuals and top 1% family offices has allowed me to distill critical and creative thinking as well as best practices coupled with my global network that I share with you, so you can thrive.

The vast majority of individuals and their family offices are often blind to both exponential (non-linear) accelerated opportunities and hazards, which have the potential to massively disrupt the lives of present and future generations.

Family Office Playbook

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