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The $10 trillion dollar family office community is changing rapidly what worked in the past is being challenged by a new paradigm of ‘how the world works,’ ever expanding higher consequence vulnerabilities, fragile geo-politics, a fractured global economy and rising generations in the families with different views, concerns and ideas then prior generations.

The family/family office must proactively coordinate internal and external resources to evaluate and mitigate risks, including investment, liquidity, operational, geo-political, tax, sovereign, cyber, litigation, intra-family, etc., consider ‘what ifs,’ navigate through black swan events and consistently procure positive future outcomes.

In addition, the family office needs to act as an intergenerational safeguard for the family’s collective values, aspirations, heritage, and legacy. In the end this comes down to the family/family office’s primary mission: family continuity!

The Greatest Threat To The Family? Is The Family!
Who Then In The Family/Family Office Is Focused On The Family?

How to ensure family continuity in the face of a myriad of risks, vulnerabilities and distractions within and outside the family, “known knowns and unknown unknowns?”The family/family office needs to make rational, objective decisions on success of continuity within the family in a community where the majority are unorganized, uncoordinated and making subjective decisions.

The three most integral factors to success sequentially are the people/systems/technologies in the family office.

Incompetence, blind spots and ego (in conjunction with not optimized governance and communication) ALL PEOPLE RELATED (and can be corrected), are the primary drivers to FAILURE in the family/family office.

The Velocity of Destruction

  • The Complexities of Going from a Unipolar to a Multipolar World/Power Distribution
  • BRICS and Other Challenges to U.S. Dollar Hegemony
  • Increasing Higher Consequence Global Conflict/War
  • Debt Burdens Appearing Impossible to Repay
  • In-Country Conflict and ‘Cold’ Civil War
  • The Impact of AI

This requires risk assessment focused critical thinking… fluid and adaptive strategies must be analyzed to the concurrent emerging realities…generationally sustainable families consider:

  • Three Rings (Within View, Just Out of View and Beyond Horizon)
  • Four Layers (Steady State, Elevated, Escalated and Extreme)

Many family offices are finding that their assumptions and strategies might not hold up in the face of crisis or profound shifts.

Here's where adaptability and innovation come into play. Family offices must transition from reactive modes to adaptive strategies to effectively navigate uncertainty.

Our Purpose at SFO Continuity is Family Continuity!

Membership in SFO Continuity is my most valued deliverable benefiting families of wealth and their family offices. SFO Continuity is focused on the best practices of the world’s most successful families/family offices. You’ll learn the behaviors/processes/systems/attributes/actions that lead to exceptional results!

This is inclusive of exceptional proprietary content, community digital and in person events, world-class digital education/masterclasses, our one-of-a-kind proprietary Family Office Playbook (used by the most successful family offices globally) and our internal resources as a family continuity think tank and decades of experiences in helping you think through vulnerabilities and problems, to procure positive outcomes.


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